Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter squash on the way...

Today's CSA newsletter promises winter squash, possibly something called the long neck pumpkin, which looks like a deformed butternut squash.

Squash-related posting to resume soon. Meanwhile, here's a bulleted summary of eating from the past week or so. Most of this covers a trip to Boston and Cape Cod.

  • baked scrod with spinach and brussel-sprouts with bacon (lunch at Legal's Test Kitchen)
  • Gobbler sandwich (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce - just like Thanksgiving leftovers) from All Star Sandwich Bar
  • raw oysters, fancy cheese, salmon, and a Greek bean-based dish (food at R's sister's house)
  • cheese blintzes from S&S
  • spinach-and-artichoke dip, mussels, and calamari salad from Boston Beer Garden
  • raw oysters from Chatham (at R's parents' house - caught by his dad). As an aside, do you catch oysters or harvest them? Or something else?
  • Scallops alfredo from Napi's in Provincetown
  • Chicken fingers at Chicago's Midway airport
  • Cabbage soup (made by me, at home)
  • Chicken picata with onions and orzo -- this deserves its own post soon (made by me, at home)
  • Couscous with dates, craisins, almonds, and goat cheese (made by R., at home)
No squash but some delicious seafood

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