Monday, November 16, 2009

Great pumpkin the second (smaller and faster)

Okay, I had no photos of the 18-pound pumpkin before it was cut. And I had no photos that showed its size compared to something else. And now I can't find the photo of the second pie pumpkin we received. This one was 9 pounds, so half the size of the first one.

Still pretty substantial but a little easier to handle. What else is 9 pounds, I thought? Oh yeah, me when I was born. The Great Pumpkin Blog (and Squash) Recipe Blogger came into this world weighing 9 pounds exactly.

9-pound baby

This baby photo was taken 1 or 2 days later. Picture a big baby. Then picture it orange. Now you have a 9-pound pumpkin. Now picture 2 of those, and you have the 18-pound pumpkin. When I made the connection between me as a newborn and the 9-pound pumpkin I was carrying around the apartment, I sent a quick apology out to my mother.

1/2 of an 18 pound pumpkin
(= 9 pounds)

The 9-pound pumpkin was faster to take care of. I don't remember how many cups of puree I ended up with, but this time the puree went in hard plastic containers instead of plastic bags and then put in the freezer.

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