Friday, December 4, 2009

Butternut squash with pasta & goat cheese

local maple syrup

one-half of a butternut squash, after roasting

It turns out our first winter pick up was on Wednesday, not Tuesday. At least I realized that before we went to the site. We had enough trouble as it was -- location at the corner of a one-way street on the right side and I was in the left lane so we missed it completely. Then when we came back around, we still didn't see it and didn't notice the sign until the freight train slowly passed by on the tracks between us and the building. And there's only one way there.

After all that, we finally picked it up and no winter squash! We had broccoli, a winter mix (which looks remarkably similar to the spring mix), tatsoi, kale, milk, and eggs. The special item was maple syrup!

For dinner, I roasted the butternut squash at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes after drizzling a little bit of olive oil on it. I had a craving for goat cheese, so I ended up cooking some pasta (just general Angel hair) then scraping the squash on top of the pasta and adding some goat cheese crumbles to it. Topped it off with some salt and pepper and a dash of maple syrup. Yum! I ate half the squash and pasta and finished the rest at lunch the next day.

Meanwhile, I cooked the kale and added it to the never-ending tortellini soup.

This weekend we're making mac & cheese for visiting family (plus kids) and mixing some pureed pumpkin into it. Will anyone notice?

draining the pasta

angel hair with goat cheese and butternut squash

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